Friday, June 15, 2007

On The Docket

More motivated in recent days. The writer's block is eroding; so now it's mostly writer's logjam.

Mmm. Jam.

So, working on the following in various forms:

≈ A new part comedy, part superhero epic with characters based on my real-life college roommates from the 80's - brand new idea that may have been around subconsciously for a few years.

≈ Horror story set at an abandoned asylum - I plan on reflecting a little on my love for abandoned places and their horror fiction potential at some point.

≈ The huge superhero epic taking place on Earth Ω - this one keeps getting bigger and bigger, and has undergone seemingly countless overhauls.

≈ The 80's comedy, semi-autobiographical in nature, about my life and adventures at Central Michigan University - This one has taken on new life in comic strip form at Strip Generator. There are limitations, but it's carrying through the deadpan spirit of the stories, while the actual collection of short stories will be more fictional embellishment. There's a scene in the winter that never took place that visually would be pretty nifty, for example.

≈ And don't think I've abandoned the zombie epic. Yeah, zombie fiction is everywhere. I've already written a script (done in 1996), and the longer story will be based on that. The events in the script will be stretched out a little more, and will be only a small part of the whole focus. I agree with Robert Kirkman that zombie fiction is less about the gore and repulsion, and more about the human condition in the face of an impossible crisis. Read Max Brooks' fantastic World War Z for a very deep look at this notion.

≈ I could jot something down about my years working at Disney World, and my years behind the scenes in independent wrestling. Plenty of stories with each that could be a fun read, but those are far behind in the line right now. Both would be straight-up comedies.

Music + easy lighting + comfortable chair + notebook + pen = writer's block gone