Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Have GOT To Pay Attention To This Thing

So my last post was in October of '08? I have to stop being so lazy.

OK, where are we here?

The massive revenant fiction story (title TBD) is just getting more massive. It is now approximately 430 pages -- around 97,000 words -- and is still a good ways from being finished. However, it is winding down. The instigating actions for the climax of the story have been written -- now it gets bloody. Say goodbye to half the cast. The denouement is going to go on for a while, but it needs to do so. I will go back and tighten up the story a great deal. I have a character that, despite being a nice person, may be unneeded unless I come up with a new direction for her. If I do, it would make her less of a "paper character" and compact the story a good bit.

I've discovered a few outlets for the comic book scripts, including a surging interest in this town (Traverse City, Michigan) in making it more attractive to writers. Michigan native and Marvel Comics writer Daniel Way visited my local store, Top Of The Ninth (see the pic - Dan's the one on the right) recently, and there is an interest in getting more talent up this way as well as creating more talent and giving the present talent a bigger stage. There is a round table in April that I will be attending, and we'll see how that works out.

I'll be pulling out some old scripts and stories to flesh out. Some stories, I might be able to convert to script form. I've been quite a bit more determined to finish what I start - which is good considering all the unfinished work I have laying around.

Until later...