Thursday, October 2, 2008

Has It Been Almost A Year?

I have got to dust off this blog more often.

Well, the revenant fiction novel-thing began in June, I think it was, and is now up to 345 pages. I'm in the process of refining it before continuing, since I had an idea of the pacing and how it should feel. I think it's much better now. The ending might be a bit over the top, but really, if I like it, then hey, that's a start.

The dark superhero story has taken another turn for the weird, and I'm holding off on that one until I have everything in place.

A new challenger has appeared in the form of an old story I began in script form back around '99. I'm thinking it would work much better in comic form, so I may go searching for an artist before the year's out. The storytelling would be very kinetic, since the main character is borderline insane.

For the horror stories, I find dark ambient music playing on WinAmp works like a charm. Currently playing on mine: "Thought Guild" by Lifepools. Borders on new age, from the sounds of it.