Sunday, November 25, 2007

Update, Late 2007

A reminder that I need to dive in on the following:

~Untitled college superhero comedy/adventure

~Untitled horror set in abandoned mental asylum

~Tales of Earth Omega (tentative): Superhero epic with a dark twist. It's actually taken a surprising turn, as I've completely overhauled the villains, making them something I hadn't considered.

~One Year In College (tentative): Whittled the time frame down to one year, which I believe will be 1988. Still going to be told in short story chapter form, with a song list for each chapter. I've been lax on my Strip Generator version of the story.

~Dead Run: The zombie epic has received a few new characters, and several "prologue" short stories. Several twines move along to one string.

~Untitled comedy about working at Disney in 90's, although I may need to make it an entirely fictional theme park. This is still a fresh idea, and luckily, I've been running into old friends from that time on the 'net. Lots of embellishment to make it more dramatic, but most of the events will be based on real stuff.

~Untitled horror in the Silent Hill/H. P. Lovecraft vein about a town that I've based on the town in which I grew up. I always thought it was a place that "sucked you in." Still pretty fresh; I've got the atmosphere and setting fairly down.

Time to let the Idea Machine loose.